Observations on Corvids

We have been adopted by a family of crows.

It started when my wife Elaine threw a piece of popcorn out into the garden as a crow was milling around. Crow loved the popcorn, and stood around waiting for more. From that point, he became a regular visitor, arriving two or three times a day waiting for his popcorn.

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Crow awaiting honey roast ham

It’s now a over a year later, and crow and family arrive at the kitchen door and demand several times a day. We’ve moved on from popcorn, after some experimentation, their current favoured food is thinly sliced honey roast ham. Not spoiled in the slightest.

Recently they have been not been around, guarding their nest-eggs from predators. We have seen an increase in the number of Seagulls and magpies, tempted by fresh eggs, and watch as Crow chases them and anything else that dares enter his airspace. It’s an impressive sight watching Crow chase a pair of enormous herons that just happened to pass overhead.